Hey guys!

I'd like to start off this blog by letting everyone know that I thank them for the support for the Five Nights at Steve's series. The game was orignally going to be a one game  deal, but people kept motivating me to make another one, and then a third one.

I'd also like to thak The Non-Zomboss. He offered to help me with the development of Five Nights at Steve's 3, and he even recreated FNaS 1 in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. He's obviously one of the game's biggest fans, and I thank him for all his support!

Okay, listen. I know the first three games got pretty good support, but here's the thing: I don't want to make a Five Nights at Steve's 4. 

Did you know that the series was originally going to end with Five Nights at Steve's 2? Yep, there was never supposed to be a third game. Yet, the idea for the game came to me while playing One Night at Flumpty's 2, which is an amazing game by the way. I was impressed with Jonochrome's vent mechanics, and I thought to myself "Why not recreate that in one of my fan games?"

Of course, like I said, the idea was never supposed to be related to a third FNaS game. However, the idea grew from the vent mechanics into the game it is now, which is Five Nights at Steve's 3.

Also, since I never completed the series lore with the second game, I felt like a third FNaS game was nessecary at that point.

But now FNaS 3 has completed the lore, and there's nothing more to tell. I COULD make a FNaS 4 and add some new event to the lore, but that would just be bad storytelling. Also, I didn't really know how I could make a proper setting for a fourth game. The series began in a house, so ending it in a house would be lazy, not to mention a copy of FNaS 1.

So yeah, that's it for the FNaS series. There won't be a Five Nights at Steve's 4, nor there will be a FNaS: Sister Location. In fact, Five Nights at Steve's 3 was based off of theories for FNaF: SL. So that's pretty much the Sister Location of the series.

There MIGHT be a Five Nights at Steve's World, but I wouldn't count on it. It's time to lay the characters of Five Nights at Steve's to rest.

Thanks for reading. :)

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