I wanted to apologize for how cryptic the Project Duel teaser was. Lots of you didn't get it, so I think I made it a tad bit too complex. Therefore, I decided to share what Project Duel will be! :)

Q: What is Project Duel?

A: Project Duel is going to be a card battle game, similar to Card Wars, the Pokemon TCG, etc. However, the game will star characters from the Five Nights at Freddy's series!

Q: Will Project Duel be a real game?

As with all games on this wiki, no.

Q: Will Project Duel be complex?

A: Not at all. Each character (card) will only have two stats. The most complex thing I have planned right now is different arena types, which will impact gameplay in a subtle way. But even that's pretty simple.

Q: What types of cards will there be?

A: There will be two types of cards:

  1. Character Cards: These cards are the main focus of gameplay, and have Attack and Defense points.
  2. Item Cards: These cards will either boost the current character card or hinder the other one.

Q: Who will be made into a Character Card?

A: All the characters from FNaF 1-4 will make an appearence, along with a few characters from FNaF World. Sister Location characters might be included at launch, but I'm not too sure about this.

I'm also thinking of releasing Character Cards for fangame characters, but I'm NOT confirming this.

Q: How will the game play?

A: Well, it's really quite simple, and I bet most of you can take a guess anyway. However, an explanation of gameplay will be shown off before launch.

Q: Will the game be updated after launch?

A: Very likely. As the FNaF universe gets bigger, more characters come in. Therefore, more characters to include in Project Duel! :)

Q: What is Project Duel's real name/release date?

A: No confirmation on either of these.

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