Hey guys!

Yesterday, I posted the page for Five Nights at Steve's 3, along with an annoucement stating that the series was over. This is just a post to clarify why I didn't want to make a fourth FNaS.

Reason #1: I wanted to keep making FNaS games fun.

First off, I didn't want to make the same mistake that Night Shift at King Pig's made. For those of you who don't know, I made a series called "Night Shift at King Pig's" starring the characters from Angry Birds. The series started out alright, but the last two games, NSaKP World and Night Shift at King Pig's: Sister Location were just rushed. I did go back and fix some issues with NSaKP World, but I'm still not happy with the game and the series in general.

Basically, I wanted to keep Five Nights at Steve's fun for me to make, and not a chore, like NSaKP became.

Reason #2: A fourth game couldn't really add anything to the series.

Fun Fact: The series was originally going to end with Five Nights at Steve's 2. It was going to reveal The Abduction to the player. However, I never got around to it, so I ended up moving The Abduction to a third game.

The Abduction was the only big chunk of FNaS' lore. There was no "Bite of 87" equivelent. It was just the Mob Outbreak and The Abduction in the lore. Nothing more, nothing less. Making a FNaS 4 and adding a whole new element to the lore would just throw everything off balance.

Reason #3: I had no idea what to do with a fourth game.

I was absolutely confused on how to take FNaS 4 anywhere. I could have made it in a house, but that would just be copying both FNaF 4 and FNaS 1. I think I covered every area in the Minecraft universe that would have made sense in a FNaF game. The closest thing I can think of is an abandoned mine, but that was pretty much where the third game took place.

Reason #4: I want to be original.

FNaS was born to be one of my most original fangames. I just wanted the series to end at 3, because I knew if I made a fourth game, I'd make "Five Nights at Steve's: Sister Location". And after that, "FNaS World". I just wanted the series to end before I resorted to stealing concepts from the true FNaF.

So yeah, that's why I don't wanna do a FNaS 4. This isn't the end of me making fan games, but this is the end of the canon FNaS series.

Thanks for reading! :)

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