EDIT: Apparently, I only got 7 comments, so I'm going to add my OCs to this...

Okay, so I'm making a movie between Five Nights at Freddy's: Operation Rescue and it's sequel, Five Nights at Freddy's: Operation Annihilation! Yay!!! So, there's the original FNaF: OR cast and 10 new characters!!! Hooray! I'm submitting The Annihilation (only counts one slot, heh), Mina the Mink, and Piper the Polar Bear!


(Permission to use OCs? Also, this is an RPGS, so please submit roles)

  1. The Annihilation
  2. Piper the Polar Bear
  3. Clover
  4. Sapella
  5. Mina the Mink
  6. Grace
  7. Cuco
  8. Yellow Bear (not GF, tank in battle)
  9. Corey the Ram

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