My Remake version of my Fnaf Persona character comment me about it and if i made mistakes help me okaythanks

Name George The Rabbit

Species Animatronic Rabbit

Gender Male

Color Brown

Occupation Magician

StartLocation Show Stage

Personality Kindhearted Gentle Sweet Caring Hot-tempert Sensited Calm Serious Coldhearted[ Killing mode ]

Likes Children Magic tricks Help his Animatronic friends 

Dislikes Night Guards Purple guy Hights[ Acrobophia ]

Backstory George was created to do magic trick to the children and cheer then up  one human child was his bigest fan he really love him he decide to become like him someday the young child ask the purpley guy about George he want to learn about the Magician Rabbit but then purple guy kill the child and stuff him to George Later the puppet give life to George and he saw what happen to the child he decide to kill purple guy for the death of the child he deeply loves and care about it.

Quete A Magician Never Reaveal his Tricks to People It's part of the imagination and Happiness of the children 

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