aka Cookie/Kyoko

  • I live in Japan
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is yummy cookie
  • I am back 0u0
  • GothCookie

    Vinny Note: Defendant pleaded guilty. Case closed. Gao and Phil are (sorta) innocent. The end. Pce

    Hey everyone. FunCookie here. Though I'm not so fun. More depressed. Due to the people around this wiki. Everyone's being so mean to me, insulting me and stuff. Thanks to that stupid Wikia Contributor. That person...and everyone else who has yelled at me...doesn't care about my state in real life - a friendless, lonely, depressed girl with no friends. The girl who's looked down on, shouted at by teachers, shouted at by parents. And all you people on this wiki call me imposters and say I talk diarrhea. So I'm leaving. Maybe forever.

    1. Everyone has been so mean to me (ie. calling me an imposter, saying they hate me, saying I'm claming characters, b…

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  • GothCookie

    User Ships

    April 21, 2015 by GothCookie

    So, I was thinking...all the ships between the OCs are cute. I've seen a few people mentioning ships between the users, so...why not? We can make a "User Ships" page. Just add any ships in the comments between users...YES, IF YOU WERE THINKING, YOU CAN INCLUDE ANYONE.

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  • GothCookie

    Hey everyone. Just saying that I'm not going to be here that much. Reasons are:

    1. I broke my arm (my friend pushed me out of a tree, we fight a lot) and my arm's in a sling so it's hell to type...I can manage it but it's freaking hard.
    2. I'm depressed...I got dumped (don't really care about that but it still sucks) and my best friend is now my enemy, she broke my arm and calls me stuff like whore and idiot...I have a therapist now but I still feel depressed.
    3. All of you are just freaking DEPRESSING. You all talk of committing suicide and leaving forever, like life is worthless. Well, it's not, OK? You only live once (YOLO!) so don't sit around stuff! (Note: I'm not ranting to you but you've all got to be positive!)

    So yeah. I'm still goin…

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  • GothCookie

    My Rules

    February 14, 2015 by GothCookie

    Hey everyone. I'm not an admin, I'm actually just a newbie...but these are the general rules of this Wiki. Please follow them and, for more rules, check out this Wiki's rules.

    1. No swearing. Swearing is rough and crude, plus certain people can get offended. Avoid using swear words. Please censor the swear words with the * sign if you do swear, or an administrator will do it instead. It's better to not swear at all.
    2. No hating. It's good to state your opinion on fanon, but if your opinion is nasty, keep it to yourself. People drove poor DF-Fan!!! to killing herself and Wolfy off, so unless you want to upset another user, keep your nasty opinion to yourself. If you don't like it, get out.
    3. No attacking other users. I saw someone replying to Foxstar…
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