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  • I was born on May 8
  • My occupation is Lesbian
  • I am Female
  • KamiOfWind


    August 15, 2015 by KamiOfWind

    So far, Weegee and South have followed me. As well as a bot/alt named The Mechanical Panther. I want this wiki to be a memory, and nothing more. Stop following me.

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  • KamiOfWind

    I think I may leave

    August 11, 2015 by KamiOfWind

    No, not cause of drama. I just don't think FNaF is that cool anymore. I stayed here much longer than necessary because I liked the people here. But, it is time to move on to new fresh things. So no, Thai isn't just me leaving the Fanon wiki. This is me leaving the FNaF fandom. It was a nice run guys, an I will always remember you.

    I will still be active on DA and on this wiki's chat.

    Farewell my friends. I am off to start a new chapter in my life.

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  • KamiOfWind

    In the upcoming weeks, I shall be creating an interactive FNaF story. It will let you click links to chose your own adventure. As one can assume, this will take a while. Any collaboraters willing to work for less pay than a munchkin actor will be appreciated.

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  • KamiOfWind

    The FNaF Anniversary!

    August 7, 2015 by KamiOfWind

    Well tommorrow is the big day. One year of FNaF! Can you believe it? Now, as a response to Scott's latest thank you image, I have my own.

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  • KamiOfWind

    That is now the title of my reviews. Fuzzy has said I owe her this so, here you go.

    Subject: Naga the Dragon

    Author: User:Fuzzy Pop AKA Maka AKA Female Satan

    Special Rules: Since I have been told the author is not English (and I heard she is dislexic somewhere.) Grammar will not be counted towards score.

    He is yellow/gold and black/dark blue in color (his color varies between his moods). He has a long black tail that gives the shape of a V at the end, which is colored yellow/gold and black/dark blue. He also has long sharp claws (which he often hides). He has a yellow/golden stomach and blonde/yellow/gold shaggy hair. He has long wings (which actually work) and he has an orange/red/green eye.

    Well then! Very descriptive! I can clearly form an i…

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