I have noticed a lot of stub pages with one sentence and maybe 1 section in them. I have checked who have made such pages. Most of them are created by Anons. Look at the page number, this wiki is growing. That is both a good thing and bad thing. We ARE getting more registered users who are fun and good contributors. However, we are getting many Anons at the same time. As you probably know, many Anons are Anons due to the fact that they are small children too young for an account. What I mean is, this scares me.

This wiki is going to grow and grow. But as that happens, more Anons are going to flood in. And remember the tiny stub pages I mentioned? Those could very well make up most of this wiki someday. I know not ALL Anons are bad, but if you look at the canon wiki, you will see what I mean. I think we should brace ourselves for a time in the future where it will be a good idea to block Anons from editing and making pages. This time is not now, but it WILL come if the wiki keeps growing at this rate.

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