I want to make a big FNaF game (well as a page, I cannot program). But I want suggestions from you guys. And maybe a little assistance. I know this is stupid but I want to try to involve at least 3 other people from the wiki in my next game! (WHAT IS GOING ON WITH AUTO CORRECT?! AAAAAAAH!!!!) So yeah.

List of Things I Would Like Help/Suggestions On

Gameplay Mechanics

Self explanatory.


I would like permission to use others' OCs and maybe help with movement patterns.


You can describe what they should look like, what they should be named, where they are, anything!


As you know, I have my own method of making jumpscares. But that can get dull. Perhaps soem unique animations?


I am NOT a good artist. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Yeah, that should be about it. I haven't decided a title for the game yet, so let's call it... Project: Crossover.

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