Listen, this is no one's fault. I am not angry, I am not leaving the wiki. I do not blame others.

For at least the time being, I will not be RPing. The fact of the matter is, I am always abandoned in RPs. If I leave to take a break, or heck, even should I go to school, people make like 50 posts. At that point, I cannot even imagine catching up.

And my parents have decided no wikiing every Tuesday all summer. That means I will be inevitably left in the dust. And I will never be able to enjoy RPs for their whole length. :(

Until the situation improves, or we can make a compromise, I am not RPing at all.

Sorry to Emy, Bolt, and anyone else who likes of RP with me. If you wish to discuss this, invite me to chat, I will gladly talk.

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