I am making a Creepy Pasta! :D This is the rough draft of the first chapter. Hope you like! Tell me what is wrong with it, and I will do my best to fix it all!


One day, I was looking around on the AppStore, while FNaF3 downloaded, and I decided to check other games Scott Cawthon had also made. None of them caught my eye, except for his RPG maker. I decided to download it as well. Just I was about to leave, an icon to the far left appeared. It was titled FNaF1, but was placed right next to the one I had already downloaded. It showed a slightly older looking Freddy Fazbear on the icon.

I downloaded it alongside the other game, and to my surprise it downloaded extremely fast. The other games weren't sluggish at downloading, but weren't as data-empty as a certain game about a yellow bird from hell... I opened the game, curious to see what it was like. The newspaper did exist, but was shorter, and the image was different. It occurred to me this could be a beta version scott accidentally uploaded.

Night One

The phone call seemed to be at the normal length, however Phone Guy stuttered a bit, I guessed Scott wasn't fully confident in his voice acting yet. The game played out as normal, but oddly, whenever Bonnie or Chica were at the door, instead of showing them in the hall, the light would simply do nothing. I thought it was just blank textures. When I finished the night however, the red static from the second game appeared. I was sent into a mini game staring Freddy. Death mini games weren't added until the second installment, so that struck me as odd. The game was a simple side scrolling platformer, and I beat it with relevant ease.

When I jumped on the last platform, it disappeared, and I fell into the spikes below. The screen grew into static, a famous part of the series at this point. An image flashed for I'd say about half a second. It was an image of Freddy with sharpened teeth. If was posed in the same way as the realistic eyed Freddy does in the real first game. As soon as the static ended, the second night had begun...

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