Ok. I have noticed many people losing FNaF games because they think a mechanic exists that doesn't. So I am here to help folks like that, and maybe show some of you what happens when you assume.

10 Mangle and Toy Chica through the hall

Many people see Toy Chica in the hall in FNAF 2 and think she is going to come in through that entrance. This is false. I also went to the Villian Wiki and it said Mangle comes through the hall, this is also wrong. When Mangle gets closer and "leans into the office" it is NOT entering. The closer version of Mangle in the hall is actually an alternative pose for sharing the space with Foxy.

9 SpringTrap Misleading

People often think SpringTrap can be lead to just ANY camera. What I mean by that is, they do things like playing audio in cam 10 while he is in cam 3. In order to lead SpringTrap, the audio must be played in an adjacent room. The only youtube channel figuring this out, that I have seen is Markiplier. Youtubers who made this misconception include Jacksepticeye, Yamimash, and Pewdiepie.

8 Foxy Flashing

Many people have been mislead to think Foxy when in the hall in FNaF2, one must flash him until he leaves. Actually, you only need to flash him 5 times. This should tell you keep your battery life on later nights.


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