Note: This is an Apple mobile device tutorial. Hey everyone! You guys seem to like my jumpscares of Fozie Fazbear and Carl the Cupcake. So I will teach you guys how to make your own!!!!!! First you will need 4 apps. 5SecondsApp, PhotoCollage, Aviary, and the basic photo app. I recommend you make a folder of these.


Step 1

Before you can make a gif, you must have a picture. Make a pic of your OC with an angry expression. (Or whatever emotion they get when killing) If you use a drawing from IRL, use Aviary's drawing to make it better.

Step 2

Go to PhotoCollage and look up a picture of one of the offices. Use whichever you want.

Step 3

Place the picture of your OC down. Use the scissors to cut out the background of the pic.

Step 4

Pose the OC in a good way. Now take a screenshot (home button and power button at the same time.)

Step 5

Repeat Step 4, slightly changing the pose every time, until satisfied with a final frame.

Step 6

Look up a picture of FNaF static, (or just static, but I use FNaF static), take a screenshot, and then a game over screen from FNaF, take another screenshot

Step 7

Now go to the standard photo app, then crop all images to just the office and OC for all pictures.

Step 8

Move into the 5SecondsApp gif maker. Select all photos in order (not from moments or photo stream, these will give uncropped pics.)

Step 9

Copy the static and game over screens about 5 times.

Step 10

Adjust the speed so the gif looks like the OC is moving fluidly, but not too fast.

Step 11

Press the Upload button, and turn on "allow sharing" now press the Copy URL to clipboard.

Step 12

Paste the link into the page of your OC!

  • Step 3.
  • Step 7.
  • Step 9.
  • Step 9 Results
  • Step 11.
  • Step 11, But Better!

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