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  • I live in The Land Of Ire
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is Rping ( Seems legit )
  • I am Male
  • Kurraka

    I'm leaving.... Again

    April 28, 2015 by Kurraka

    Ok so I'm gonna be leaving this wiki reasons why


    Mental Disorders


    i might come back in a while to talk to people but till then goodbye

    if you want to contact me

    steam name: cityws

    i'll also be active on this wiki:

    1. Mittens, Tiny, Konton and Jeff Red - Maka
    2. Tin and cut - Man in black
    3. The Obzuba - SamanthaFlyingSquirrel 
    4. Krieg - aldrasos
    5. Kurhi, Pure - gaomon332
    6. Yin & Yang - South ferry
    7. Middonaito Senshi - Phil

    Oh wait that's not all my characters....

    XxKiritoxX's character's lol

    1. Kirito the silver fox - Gaomon
    2. Blackberry The Puppet - Samantha the Flying squirrel

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  • Kurraka

    Due to my blog about this breaking here it is again if you want your character to be in five night's at tins post in the comments

    Night Guard

    1. Nigel


    1.  Kashikoi
    2.  The Lynx
    3.  Tinsay on Lindsay's shoulders
    4.  Charolette/Obzuba's Vessel during the night
    5.  ?

    Easter egg characters

    1.  Jace
    2.  Phantom Bungale
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  • Kurraka

    Hello there, how're you doing?

    Anyway, enough with salutations. I'm leaving due to 

    1. Some of my family is over
    2. I have way too many therapist appointments
    3. I'm depressed

    Now I'm not leaving permantly but I will be leaving for a while so see you then!

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  • Kurraka

    Hello people Cityws here, and I'm making a game (Teasers were there -----> Teasers) This game is dun dadada



    Anyway, I need a few other animatronics so

    I neaad about 5 animatronics sooo

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. ?
    5. ?

    And I might have like 2 easter egg ones sooo

    1. ?
    2. ?

    Thank You For Your Time :3

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  • Kurraka


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