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I'm leaving.... Again

Kurraka April 28, 2015 User blog:Kurraka

Ok so I'm gonna be leaving this wiki reasons why


Mental Disorders


i might come back in a while to talk to people but till then goodbye

if you want to contact me

steam name: cityws

i'll also be active on this wiki:

character rights

  1. Mittens, Tiny, Konton and Jeff Red - Maka
  2. Tin and cut - Man in black
  3. The Obzuba - SamanthaFlyingSquirrel 
  4. Krieg - aldrasos
  5. Kurhi, Pure - gaomon332
  6. Yin & Yang - South ferry
  7. Middonaito Senshi - Phil

Oh wait that's not all my characters....

XxKiritoxX's character's lol

  1. Kirito the silver fox - Gaomon
  2. Blackberry The Puppet - Samantha the Flying squirrel

Bolt IS c00l

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