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    ​Ah geez, you know the drill...I'm's 5:14, forgive me


    This myth was not as widespread as the "Foutain of Youth" rumour, or as controversial as the "Magic Nymphes" that were said to have inhabited a lake of melted gold, but it had the distinguishable honor of being the only legend that existed...well, at some point. It was from a long time past, in an age where ravenous beasts roamed the barely conquered land, and kingdoms were forged out of the excruciating labor of poor workers and the ambitious goals set by wealthy royalty. In this era, many different clans and cliques claimed certain areas of lands as theirs, proclaiming…

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    ​Hello! Nah, this isn't something FN@F related, but I'd like to just put this out there. I've gotten a bit into writing, so I was writing this story about the Cutting Crew and all of the OCs I have, that way, if it's good, I can translate it into a game when I finally make it! Cool, right?....No? Bah, whatever. Just read this and tell me what you think. Keep in mind, it's not finished, and i cannot guarentee it will be, but, this is something I felt like doing, so, I did it. Thanks, and enjoy! Let me know how it is!


    It was one of those nightly scenes that you can never seem to remember in full, but you could never truly forget. The moon, in it's full glory above the sky, colored the sky in a beautiful dark blue. But the …

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    A Year Gone By

    December 23, 2015 by ManinBlack007JK

    Welp. It's almost my one year anniversary of being on this wiki...And I've seen it rise into something beautiful.

    That being said, I have an announcement.

    I'm being as honest as I can here. I like to plan ahead, so I have plenty of ideas for when I begin my trek into the video game making world. But, before this, I never thought I could make games, so I made Fanon for games. But, I discovered an ambitious side of myself, and I want to be the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist I always dreamed of. I thought I could work that in with CC:L and the other FNAF Fan universe stuff, but...

    I can't.

    I'm dog tired and out of ideas for FNAF Fan works. I just can't get anything good out of it anymore, and I have plenty of other things that...well..superse…

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    Real quick, this is a message to other users. The second Titan made of the rest of the CC members, like Shredcut, is beig made tonight, so if you have any member of the CC, it will be used in the animatronic.

    And some of my pages are being completely rewritten. Such as:

    -The Chef

    -Mad Jack





    -Toy Jack

    -Toy Lindsay

    Thank you for your time.

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    My files

    June 24, 2015 by ManinBlack007JK

    Just things I need to make, mostly as a reminder to myself. Got any ideas or wanna help? Go ahead, just post comments! Other than that, it's just for my own purposes!

    Project: Finish Make OCs from games I've completed.

    Status: Need to make Sparkplug(FNATInvent1 and 2), Flesh(CC:DEM), Most of the Toy Crew(FNATInvent1 and 2), Rick Johnson and Roarke Williams (HvM), Majestic Services (CC: DEM), and the mini-mes (CC: AHATF)

    Project: Blood Beings A family for Sangeruis for use in future games.

    Status: A work-in-progress idea.

    Project: Manifest More Manifestation members.

    Status: Work in progress. I'm thinking about ideas.

    Project: Rizen Resurrected Purple Guy.

    Status: Used in a game. Page is almost ready.

    Project: Tinsay's Expierments

    Status: Red, Blue, Yell…

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