Welp. It's almost my one year anniversary of being on this wiki...And I've seen it rise into something beautiful.

That being said, I have an announcement.

I'm being as honest as I can here. I like to plan ahead, so I have plenty of ideas for when I begin my trek into the video game making world. But, before this, I never thought I could make games, so I made Fanon for games. But, I discovered an ambitious side of myself, and I want to be the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist I always dreamed of. I thought I could work that in with CC:L and the other FNAF Fan universe stuff, but...

I can't.

I'm dog tired and out of ideas for FNAF Fan works. I just can't get anything good out of it anymore, and I have plenty of other things that...well..supersede it. I promised myself I'd be the last Wiki member standing here, but it seems that promise was sincere, but I worded it wrong.

I want to stay with my friends, is what I meant.

Bolt, Ender, Gao, Vin, if any of you, any of my friends out there that are reading this, know that I love you all, as much as a fool like me can love somebody over the Internet (Well..not the lovey love, but you get the picture.) You guys got me through a tough time in my life, and I want to thank you all for that. Sure, there was a few downs and ups, but all in all, I'd do it again. (10/10 m8) So, here's my plan for my activity:

+RPs I will continue doing. I may be out of ideas for fan works, but I can still have subpar RPing stories with my lovely friends. So, I will do any RP someone asks me to, granted I like the person\story.

-All of the game pages I have are going to be deleted, as I won't need them anymore. OCs I will keep for RPing purposes, and for making the new, FNAF-less CC game! I got the idea from Bolt's dating simulator; Seemed wise. :3

Sooo...I'm not leaving this wiki. Just being a whole lot less active on it. But, mind you, I never did it for OCs. I did it for friends...And friends, I have found. <3

The Reflection On The Water 06:32, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

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