• Video plays on a small monitor screen. Lindsay walks up to the camera.*

My fellow kingdoms. You know me as the lead assassin of the Cutting Crew, I stand before you all, to address this issue. Holly, an innocent animatronic who I happen to be close to, is dead, smashed to pieces. I couldn't get to her body in time, and I have no choice but to let you guys revive her. Our Crew is in deep mourn. But that's not the only reason we are in mourn. We are oppressed, hated, isolated, from the rest of the animatronic world. We stand here, only just repaired, wondering if we should dwell on petty problems such as not having permission to form a Crew, as you all are.

But know this. We do forgive. But we don't forget. Yeah sure, you all sit on your high and mighty thrones looking down on us. But, we will never be punching bags! We aren't just some toys that are controlled by everyone else! You're a stepping stone, all of you, BIG stepping stones, yes, but stepping stones none the less! If you want to hate us, go ahead! But, don't hate us for a stupid, petty, forgettable reason like not having permission to form a Crew! We didn't know, you just came in and said, "This is illegal, let's kill all of them because they don't know a law we never told them about!" You all make me sick!

But. I digress. Holly will be fixed, I'm happy for that. We are always watching you all though, kingdoms.

Viva la independencia. *the video shuts off*

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