Balloon Boy


Left For Five Nights OC Signups!

So, I have an upcoming game, basically Left 4 Dead, but with fanimatronics and humans! I have four characters ready, and I need some OC signups! Even if your character isn't playable, your character can still have a role!

I need characters, and I need them fast!

At the end of the week, the game will be made and your OCs will be used!

UPDATE: I now need locations for the campaigns....I have Crazy Chef's, Freddy Fazbear's(1993), Freddy Fazbear's(1987), Fredbear's, Paradise Island, and The Inventory. I need two more. :3 So if you known a location, please, feel free to ask!

Also, might be a little inactive....I need virus protection. I keep seeing ads everywhere...

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