Balloon Boy


My files

Just things I need to make, mostly as a reminder to myself. Got any ideas or wanna help? Go ahead, just post comments! Other than that, it's just for my own purposes!


Project: Finish Make OCs from games I've completed.

Status: Need to make Sparkplug(FNATInvent1 and 2), Flesh(CC:DEM), Most of the Toy Crew(FNATInvent1 and 2), Rick Johnson and Roarke Williams (HvM), Majestic Services (CC: DEM), and the mini-mes (CC: AHATF)

Project: Blood Beings A family for Sangeruis for use in future games.

Status: A work-in-progress idea.

Project: Manifest More Manifestation members.

Status: Work in progress. I'm thinking about ideas.

Project: Rizen Resurrected Purple Guy.

Status: Used in a game. Page is almost ready.

Project: Tinsay's Expierments

Status: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green are all in a band, called Color Me. Very wierd but fun OC, will be made soon.

Project: The Last CC Members

Status: Schwaiger is used, Shredcut is my next OC, Flesh is used, and Inferno is coming.


Project: Cutting Crew: Shadows Of The Damned

Status: HEAVY WIP. Deuce Ex Machina isnt even done.

Project: Project Perfect Pizza

Status: A Castle Crashers-esque game starring Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. I got the baisc premise and idea ready.

Project: Five Nights At Testy's

Status: Long forgotten idea that will be brought back to life eventually.


ManinBlack's House

Status: A parody of "Love Runs Out". Going very well, Palutena and I's verses are done.


Status: Working very hard on Alex's song.


The New Angel

Status: A canonical story about the mision about Lucile saving Dr. Fraznitz. Being written.

Merle's Sale Log 3

Status: Definetly coming. Almost finished, need OCs.

If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

Status: Very sad story about Lindsay's death. Will be made soon.


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