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NightCraft Info/OC Sign-ups

So. My new game, NightCraft, is being made, and uh....I could use a little help with it. The basic premise is that after Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina, an animatronic whose name will be determined, wanted to go someplace far away, to start anew and build a small little kingdom of animatronics. With that being said, here's what I need help with.


A mechanic in the game that let's you rebuild animatronic characters, a.k.a our OCs. So, here is what I was given permission to use:

Also under this, you could attract human characters to live alongside you. Humans I currently have:

Starting Locations

A new mechanic introduced: Basically, you pick one starting location from FNAF games, such as Freddy's, to start the game with. It also comes with one animatronic from it to start with.

  • Freddy's-Freddy
  • The Inventory-Freddy Mark 4
  • Paradise Island-Dice
  • Testy's-Watchman
  • Fazbear's Fright-Springtrap


Not really that important, just need pictures I can turn into pixelated things for the game. :)


An example of a painting, a pixelated 'Vinmom.jpg' picture. :3

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