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I'm gonna start making sprites for well, a game but i can only use serten sizes. please note these take time and i cant always make them. I am gonna start making sprites for myself and you people to. If you want sertent character of yours be made just ask but please note i cant do all of them becuase of well the sprite size. Thank you and Enjoy. Also fell free to use the sprites for yourself IF they were made for you or if you have permission.


Friday, October 23, 2015

First Sprite

Cronic the Hdeghog has been made! He is my first offical sprite to make so i hope you enjoy and hopefully this will give you an idea of what i can do

Second Sprite

Tonic ze Hedegfox has been made! Sense i made Cronic already, it was easyer to make Tonic. Well i hope you enjoy.


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