Balloon Boy


aka FinderGuy

  • I live in The Milky Way
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is A cat that spreads happiness
  • NyanKittyKat

    Nyan News

    October 23, 2016 by NyanKittyKat

    Welcome to Nyan News, Tronald Dump or Clillary Hinton! Top Story: I ATE AT MCDONALDS!!!1!!!!1!!!!

    I made a game recently called Four Nights at Milky's.

    Its web site is [1]


    Want your character in meh game? Here's an example form to show you how to comment and ask..

    Name: Fishy


    Other Info: He swims in a tank with many other fish.

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  • NyanKittyKat

    Mix, Max, Murp

    October 9, 2016 by NyanKittyKat

    We found something.

    We know it's yours.

    It is proof.

    Proof that you are dangerous.

    Proof that you are working with the Nixels.

    We are not happy anymore.

    We will punish you.

    You will suffer.

    You will be forced to spend...

    Eight Nights with Mixels

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  • NyanKittyKat

    Some crazy PETA ad

    August 12, 2016 by NyanKittyKat

    You eat chicken, right? Put that chicken sandwich down. No, seriously. Put it down. You'll regret it...

    Eight Nights At Chico's

    • Chico Nuggets
    • Monica the Cow
    • Bubbles the Fish
    • Oscar the Summer Pig
    • Killer Chico
    • The Rabbit
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  • NyanKittyKat

    My story

    July 15, 2016 by NyanKittyKat

    I was just 1 week old, flying through space, when I was captured by some scientists. I was kept in a little cage, and they did experiments with me. I was thrown into different water temperatures, my fur was trimmed, I was introduced to many creatures, tested on sleeping pills (I slept for 3 days), given all kinds of food, the list went on. 

    I was growing too big for my tiny cage, so I got my own room in some lucky household. Trouble is, the household had a 5 year old boy who drew boobs on things. I had to protect my food and water bowls, my jingle ball, and my laptop (I learned how to type, click, use the web and even code). 

    One day I got so smart, I set up a Wikia account, and made some friends. Now I'm typing this blog.

    I'm making a TV ser…

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  • NyanKittyKat


    • Doggy
    • Violet The Cat
    • New Doggy
    • New Violet
    • Dark Violet
    • MindDog
    • Eli The Hamster
    • Penny The Puppy
    • Zip

    I will offer fan art, a story or a soda (your choice!) to anyone who finds all 5 important things. Personally, I think will figure it out. ;)

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