Balloon Boy


Are you Cora or Tera?

This is a personality test based off the one by SpringThing14.


Question 1:

It's a weekend, it's summer, you have no chores, and the weather is nice! What do you do?


2-Chase a stray cat

1-Go back in bed

2-Play FNAF, Can Your Pet, or

1-Look at pictures of lolcats

Question 2:

Now it's dinner time, everything is still perfect, and there's all your favorite foods! What do you do?


1-You're still in bed

1-Make your food look like a lolcat

2-Ignore the food

1-Help cook the food

Question 3:

You're outside on a sunny day, reading under a tree, when you see a cat stuck in the tree. What do you do?


2-Chop down the tree.

2-Chop down the cat.

2-Ignore the cat.

1-Get some food, and climb up there with the cat.

Question 4:

You get to go one place with your BFF for an hour. Where would you go?

2-The pet shop

1-A restauraunt

2-Around the block, so you can chase a stray cat.

1-The library

1-The park

Question 5:

There is a new kid next door. He's about your age, and he has a cat. What do you do?

2-Stay away from him until you know he is nice.

2-Chase his cat.

1-Take him to a restauraunt and become his BFF.

1-Give him a gift.

1- Wave whenever you see him.

If you got mostly 1s you are...


You are sweet and playful, everyone who knows you is your friend, and you're a skiller internet user.  Many people love you, but you aren't too good at certain things.

If you got mostly 2s you are...


You are usually happy, you make a decent friend, but the thing that makes people shy away from you is how much you hate cats. You are also a skilled internet user. If only people hated cats...

Tell me what you got!

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