I was just 1 week old, flying through space, when I was captured by some scientists. I was kept in a little cage, and they did experiments with me. I was thrown into different water temperatures, my fur was trimmed, I was introduced to many creatures, tested on sleeping pills (I slept for 3 days), given all kinds of food, the list went on. 

I was growing too big for my tiny cage, so I got my own room in some lucky household. Trouble is, the household had a 5 year old boy who drew boobs on things. I had to protect my food and water bowls, my jingle ball, and my laptop (I learned how to type, click, use the web and even code). 

One day I got so smart, I set up a Wikia account, and made some friends. Now I'm typing this blog.


I'm making a TV series called Ultraviolet, and it's about my OC, Violet the Cat. If u want to add ur OC, tell me:

  • Name
  • Species (unless it's name is like Kitty)
  • Occupation (what it does in the daytime)
  • Location
  • Game
  • Other (like, "She is very nice")

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