PETER DA EAGLE(do not steal asshats my total Original char agian do not steel)

Name:PETER the Eagle bard

age:older then purple guy

powers:is best robot,tactical nuke,quickscoper


place of made:MERCA

Feats:killed all the gaurds


Was made for independence day but some A-hole at fazbear factory was californian so he made it the most raceist piece of poop you ever seen and offened everyone in the resturaunt then got drunk and killed them all with his auto rifle and shooted them dead untill they dies but he was deactivated by a commounist science man and hacked him untill he stopped his murder rampage(it only took him 5 nights). but due to budget peter reactivated and now roams the halls to kill more people then he murdered the da purple man and everyone loved him so BARRACK OBAMA GAVE HIM A MEDEL AND I LICENCE TO KILL HE is now somewhere in the 80's have robo course with toy chica.


hes just missunderstoood.:D


im not a

Peter Da eagle

rrsed to make a discription so look at the picture.

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