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  • Poisonshot

    Stuff I'm Making Soon

    January 28, 2016 by Poisonshot

    This blog will tell what you might see from me soon (after SNAF World):

    Yep! I'm planning on making a SNaF "novel" written on here. It will take place in the second place (the SNaF1:I) one, but before they started renovating. The events that happened in this period will be shown in detail instead of only with minigame clues.

    Update: The "Novel" will likely have redesigned animatronics. For example, Bodhi would have a much smoother shape and would wear a bowtie.

    I'm making a FNaF game soon! It will take place after the third FNAF game. Someone bought various items from the aunction and tried to recreate the animatronics, but now they're attacking him. There's going to be 8 characters in total.

    Update: I got designs for all the characters! They …

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  • Poisonshot

    A few polls

    January 20, 2016 by Poisonshot

    Most of theses will be about Several Nights at Fierce's.

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  • Poisonshot

    I completed my first game except for pictures, but that's another thing :D

    But that's not why I made this blog.

    I want you guys to figure out the game's lore. It will be fun to watch people going in the right or wrong direction (especially the latter XP)

    Link to the game is here.

    Will you guys figure out the lore, or will you fail horribly? Let's see...

    This will also be where I may post teasers when I make other games.

    Below is an "Hint" section. This will make the lore easier to figure out.

    1. Why did AnimaProto get his own teaser?

    2. Why did Fierce charge at Bodhi in the fourth minigame?

    3. Who is the "White Shirt Kid"?

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