This blog will tell what you might see from me soon (after SNAF World):

Several Nights at Fierce's Novel

Yep! I'm planning on making a SNaF "novel" written on here. It will take place in the second place (the SNaF1:I) one, but before they started renovating. The events that happened in this period will be shown in detail instead of only with minigame clues.

Update: The "Novel" will likely have redesigned animatronics. For example, Bodhi would have a much smoother shape and would wear a bowtie.

FNaF game

I'm making a FNaF game soon! It will take place after the third FNAF game. Someone bought various items from the aunction and tried to recreate the animatronics, but now they're attacking him. There's going to be 8 characters in total.

Update: I got designs for all the characters! They will be named "DIY" animatronics, for example DIY Freddy. Espect "DIY Balloon Boy" to have a quite major role. Also, the animatronics will attack DIY maker's child instead of the DIY Maker himself.

Several Nights at the Original Fierce's

Or SNatOF. The sixth game in the SNaF series! It will take place, well, at the original Fierce's Foods. The Prototypes as well as Fierce will be the main antagonist, but the Skeletons from the third game and The Doll will try to kill you. Bodhi and Michael might be there but they likely won't attack you. This game will finally explain the skeletons.


Not revealing anything about this ;)

Ideas I may or may not make:

  • A bullet hell SNaF game similar to undertale in many ways, such as the gameplay. There would be three "locations", each with five "nights", and in each night you must kill someone. At the end, depending on who you killed, you'll face a final boss. (very likely to be made at one point, but not in the near future)
  • Fredbear and Spring Bonnie game. (unlikely)
  • "Unwithered Location" (With Freddy, Bonnie, etc)
  • FNaF3 remastered (You would roam around the room just like in FNAF4)
  • Plushtrap-themed game full of minigames.
  • Four Nights at Oilbound's sequel/prequel? (unlikely)
  • BB and JJ themed game (unlikly)

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