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    Hey guys, it's me again. I have returned for at least a small bit. I have returned because im starting to get a little more into the fnaf fandom again. I got really, really bored with it and am in with Undertale, now(yeeey). So thats a plus. OH, yeah, and some updates.

    I am starting this again because I completely forgot about it when I first posted it so if you want me to voice act for your characters please ask! They have to be male because... I can't really do a girl voice... so yeah. If you would like me to edit it in anyway please ask! Because I can edit it to make it sound like a robot type voice, demonic, or not edit it at all to make it sound like a normal person.

    That's pretty much it. Also, more songs coming as well! Thank ya, than…

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    Inside joke

    Let's get this review started rite nao

    Mattaku has a doll like body because he was used as a 'Make Your Own Animatronic' attraction but it went

    Vital statistics
    Title Mattaku
    First Appearance None Yet
    Latest Appearance None Yet
    Creator Fuzzy Pop
    Species None
    AI Level 5 - 20
    Status Alive
    Location(s) The Safe Room

    horribly wrong the material they used ripped easily so he has lots of stitches. He can easily change what his body/head/ etc. looks like he appearance before he changes to look like another animatronic his look is usually; Foxy's ear, Freddy's ear, Chica's eye, a stitched patch where an eye should be, Foxy's/Freddy's mouth, Mattaku's ripped up and stitched body, Foxy's hand, Foxy's hook, Bonnie's tail, Chica'…

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    Okay, so im going to give out my personal top 5 fnaf songs. Hope you guys enjoy!

    This song is a fnaf 4 original song that has some great rocking instrumentals in it, and the lyrics are nice as well. It's a traditional rock song that I think is great for a listen.

    I like this song, it's a great techno song and the rhythm is very nice in it. It is a very technically sound song and is difficult to sing at points, so kudos to TLT. I wish I could put it higher but the rest of the songs I just love more.

    This song is so dang catchy.

    Im in love with this song. That being said, I can't put any other songs behind it. It's real catchy, the lyrics are nice, and the beat is so funky I can't help but bob my head. It's got a nice beat, for sure. And the hoo…

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    Heyooo, RTH here with yet another episode of RTH Character Reviews. This episode we are reviewing Xavier[originally "Xavier Munroe"]. Not much else to say, so lets get started shall we?

    Xavier was born into an incredibly small family, containing only a father who was exiled from his family at birth, forcing him to learn basic defense skills from a faithful day in which a black bear attempted to have his father for dinner, and a mother who had lived a relatively simple-life, never having to worry about anything. Of course, Xavier's father, due to being thrown out of a window for not looking good enough at birth, never got to actually learn and inherit the last name in which his parents had, meaning Xavier Munroe was forced to inherit the nam…

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    Go ahead and ask me anything. Ask in the comments and i'll post here.



    Q: Do You Have a Foot Fetish?

    A: Yes, and im entirely open about it or I wouldn't be posting it on a blog as an example.

    Q: Do you like Pancakes?

    A: Yeah we like pancakes.

    Q(TheVinnyLord): Chubby, eh?

    A: Nu m9

    Q(TheVinnyLord): My foot is bare. Find my sock(?)

    A:  ManInBlack007jk ate it.

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