Hey guys, it's me again. I have returned for at least a small bit. I have returned because im starting to get a little more into the fnaf fandom again. I got really, really bored with it and am in with Undertale, now(yeeey). So thats a plus. OH, yeah, and some updates.

Voice Acting for your characters!

I am starting this again because I completely forgot about it when I first posted it so if you want me to voice act for your characters please ask! They have to be male because... I can't really do a girl voice... so yeah. If you would like me to edit it in anyway please ask! Because I can edit it to make it sound like a robot type voice, demonic, or not edit it at all to make it sound like a normal person.

That's pretty much it. Also, more songs coming as well! Thank ya, thank ya. bai.

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