Okay, so im going to give out my personal top 5 fnaf songs. Hope you guys enjoy!

Number 5 - Home: NateWantsToBattle

This song is a fnaf 4 original song that has some great rocking instrumentals in it, and the lyrics are nice as well. It's a traditional rock song that I think is great for a listen.

Number 4 - Five Nights At Freddy's: The Living Tombstone

I like this song, it's a great techno song and the rhythm is very nice in it. It is a very technically sound song and is difficult to sing at points, so kudos to TLT. I wish I could put it higher but the rest of the songs I just love more.

Number 3 - Follow Me - TryHardNinja + Smike

This song is so dang catchy.

Im in love with this song. That being said, I can't put any other songs behind it. It's real catchy, the lyrics are nice, and the beat is so funky I can't help but bob my head. It's got a nice beat, for sure. And the hook/chorus[Follow me, Follow me, follow follow follow follow but the truth is hard to swallow] is the best part of the song for me. It alone gets it up here.

Number 2 - Break My Mind - DAGames

Yes. Im possibly the only one who doesn't agree that Break My Mind is number one worthy, but it's close.

It's a great song - don't get me wrong, but I just can't put it first. It's got a nice blend of rock and techno, the lyrics are wonderful, and it just screams "Five Nights At Freddy's" to me. It's a great song that is definetly worth a listen.

Honorable Mentions

Mangled - NateWantsToBattle

This is a good song - but if Nate changed up the instrumentals a bit, it would definetly get a spot. It's the same instrumental the entire time, the same chugging and chord switching. It's awesome, but it plays the entire song, and never changes and it gets tiresome for me. Great song though!

It's Been So Long - The Living Tombstone

I'll be honest - I love this song. It would easily be number three, but it's the same reason as why number two isn't number one, I simply can't put it on the list because I love these more. That's it.

The Puppet Song - Try Hard Ninja

See above.

Number 1

My Favorite FNAF song would have to be...

Salvaged by NateWantsToBattle

GOD this song has been stuck in my head for weeks! It is a normal rock song, but it is amazing. The lyrics are perfect, the beat is normal but catchy, the chorus will get it stuck in your head for weeks to come, and above all it's a great song. I say listen to this immedietly! It's an amazing song, worth a listen.

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