I am now going to review your characters. I will be brutally honest, so if you don't want your character being called shi*, then don't ask for me to review because thats how im rating. Also, on my voice acting, it's canceled right now because I can't find my webcam which is what I use to record, so sorry!

Total Ratings:

1 - 3 = Dogshi*

4 = Forgotten in T-Minus 1 day(yup already forgot)

5 = A good time if you're drunk

6 = a good time no alcohol required

7 - 8 = Buy It On Blu-Ray

9 - 10 = Awesometacular

Again, I am going to be brutally honest with those reviews, so if you don't want to hear you're character being called "Dogshi*" then I wouldn't join. But, to those that can deal with it, you can get a review. Also, im really nice so I doubt lots of people will get 1-3/s, but idk.

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