Okay, time for the 2nd episode of RTH Character reviews. This episode we have Larry the lizard, this page is short, so i'll shut up.

Larry the Lizard is one of the backup singers of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. He debuts in Five Nights at Freddy's 5: Survival of the Fittest.

Nothing wrong here, so I won't rate it.


Larry the Lizard is a spring green lizard who wears a yellow miner's helmet, and holds a real pickaxe. He has sharp teeth, but he still has a mouth style like Bonnie's or Freddy's. He is one of the many backup singers of Freddy's. He speaks in a British accent.

Original appearance, I like it. I feel like it misses something, maybe something else? I don't know, I say this when my characters don't have anything soo... I like it. I give this section a 7/10.


Larry starts in the Backstage, and can make his way to the office at a quick speed. He has a rare chance on any given night to dig through the walls and into the office, since his pickaxe is not a fake one. When he starts moving, he gains his endoskeleton eyes for the whole night, even when he attacks you. If he gets you, Larry will break through your desk and bite your face off.

Okay, I like this too. One thing I would do is, my character Smash(from Mash and Smash) does the same thing, but you can stop it. Larry, from what I hear, can't. That's pretty overpowered. Other than that, I like it. I give it a 6/10.


 *He once, ironically, killed a miner who brought his son to Freddy's on accident by stabbing the guy in the brain with his pickaxe. In fact, most of the people he kills involves his pickaxe. LAWL that's pretty funny. This section doesn't exactly NEED a rating, so I won't give it one. Cool though.

Total Rating(Not part of the character)

Overall, I like this character, for whatever reason it may be, it sticks with me. That's good. A little more info would be liked, and a way to stop Larry, because that's too overpowered man. It's a good character with a good appearence, what more can I say? This character is a good time, no alcohol required(Rating of 6)

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