Some things I would like to do in my upcoming future YouTube channel, MikoNeko Animations:

Charlotte's/ObserPurr's Voice

I've seen many people on YouTube making voices of Creepypasta characters. But also the FNAF characters. I'll make this soon when I downloaded Audacity on my laptop. Here's her dialogue:

(NOTE: It may include some whispers (possibly the spirits of the children inside the Animatronic Suits) just like the animatronics' voices in "The Bite of '87" videos. Anyway, the Italic text stands for Lily's whisper.)

"Oh...Hello there child. Oh, you're *Please let me out* new here? Well, great. Welcome to *Why you're not letting me out?* Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Well, there's some delicious *Bloody flesh* food here! Don't be shy, child. Take a *There's no escape here* seat."

Ugh, blog still unfinished. ObserPurr's dialogue will be written soon. Anyway, sorry that Charlotte's dialogue looks kinda pretty short.

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