aka Scourge

  • I live in homeworld
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is observing the progress of the cluster
  • I am a master engineer
  • ScourgesCustomPlants


    Name: [REDACTED] the Tabby Cat

    Model ID: TR035

    Notes: Not to be used in "active" service: may scare children. Keep confined to [REDACTED], especially from [REDACTED] PM to [REDACTED] AM.


    Name: [REDACTED] the Persian

    Model ID: PP157

    Notes: Not to be used in "active" service: too deteriorated. Keep confined to [REDACTED] and use constant surveilance.


    Name: [REDACTED] the Shorthair

    Model ID: SA113

    Notes: Not to be used in "active" service: strange apparatus contained inside. Keep confined to [REDACTED] and use EMP machine when necessary.

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  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    Five Nights at Flunky's has been created! Check it out!

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  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    Dearest friends,

    You are all invited to my house for a super sleepover extravaganza! Meet at my house at 11 PM, and festivities will begin at 12 AM! Make sure to bring your sharpest knife for the cutting of baFkedL deElicSacieHs! Also, make sure to bring a sleeping bag! There aren't enough beds for all of us, sadly.

    The reason I invited you all here? Well, that's classified. But I will tell you that our best friend will be honored at this organized get-together!


    Scourge, BloodClan leader

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  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    I will be leaving on a camping trip until May 12, 2015. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    1v1 me tin tin rewritten m9876 i will rekt u 18:22, June 6, 2015 (UTC)

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  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    Hello! Just makin' a blog post to say I'm back for some amount of time! Expect a game sometime in the future.

    Fi   N g t   t T e F   o y

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