Balloon Boy



K so they are ordered from most favorite to least favorite

Break My Mind-DAGames

It's Time To Die-DAGames

It's Me-Tryhardninja

It's Been So Long-T.L.T

Purple Guy-DAGames

The Flumpty Jam-DAGames (this technically isn't FNAF but it is ONAF)

Five Nights at Freddys Song-T.L.T

Die In a Fire-T.L.T


Break My Mind is my favorite because it's DAGames's best song yet and its one of the newest FNAF 4 song yet.

Die In a Fire is my least favorite because i hate the purple guy.He dismantled Freddy and the others. :(

Prof cool yeah! 11:15, August 11, 2015 (UTC)

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