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    January 12, 2016 by SeraDreams

    FNATFFW 4's release date has been delayed.

    Sorry guys.

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  • SeraDreams

    I'll make one too.

    So uh, I'm not actually sure if I've been on for a year (y'know, my long month break) but, it is 2016, so i guess this may be a happy new year blog post?

    Yea, so, for 1 year of this wiki, I'll be doing something special.

    Very special.

    I'm going to be doing editing requests, a Q&A, and a special message all at once.. now, I know, my blog posts never get any attention, and i'm fine if I don't get any questions or requests, but, this special message is important, and I hope you read it.

    So, I wanted to say: Thank you guys, and everybody on this wiki.

    Even though I'm stupid, rude, immature, and an idiot, you all helped me through stress in my life, and even though most people aren't going to be reading this, thank you anyways.

    I us…

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  • SeraDreams

    So, i've been thinking about this for a while...

    Should I finish number 3, and make number 4?

    I've been a bit cautious about this, I mean, what if everyone doesen't want it? what if everyone won't like it? although, whats so weird is that, its the only one of my pages that got REAL attention, and it felt like it was good.

    But, I never got to making the 3rd and 4th, it just stopped, I bet the 3rd one was probably going to be pretty good, but then the 4th one would get stale and old.

    What should I do?

    Should I make number 3? should i make 3 and 4? should i not make any of them? should i add some overall differences to the original game? If you want to, you can talk about it in the comments.

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  • SeraDreams


    jk but i wasn't active for a few days on here so i wanted to let you know im still alive

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  • SeraDreams

    I have a 2 ideas so far.

    1. Continuation of the Gears Of Terror RP series. (only people who are really really really old on this wiki should know what it is)

    2. FNAF: Boss Rush! (basically you can play as the 5 main fnaf1 characters against multiple bosses in an rpg like way)

    Do you have anymore ideas? You can leave some ideas in the comments if ya want.

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