hey uhhh listen if you are actually reading this piece of crap

I'm makin' a fangame with Clickteam Fusion 2.5, so uhhh, I don't know what to call it, or what characters to be in it, so I'm kind've asking for help here with ideas.

idk, this won't get much recognition, but i have a few plans:

- Game will not be 3D modeled, thats too much work, instead i will draw everything.

- Game will not be finished in a long while, although I will release a sort of test version here where you can use the doors and pan around the office hopefully, the extensions aren't working that well and I need the Perspective extension.

- Requests for OC's to be in the game are gonna be all accepted until the testing version comes out, which will be a bit.

- Yes this is real don't judge me it will be horrible.

- No human OC's.

- In the testing version, I will infact add a little "Characters" menu where you can see the characters so far, note, characters requested after the testing version will not be in this character section, and may not be accepted at all.

- I have to take my time with this, I'm pretty new to clickteam fusion, and this is my first time atleast trying to make a fangame for FNAF, so uhh..

- The full version will not be released for forever, so uh, have fun with that.

- Atleast it'll come in 2 years, right?

- right?

Thats enough, so uhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Suggestions anyone....?

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