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  • Shadowboy192

    Sorry for leaving this much time without an explanation, as an administrator it was really unresponsible of me. 

    The reason I left was because at that time I began losing interest and became kinda lazy. Later on I thought about returning but never did(didn't help that at the time when I tried to enter wikia it ended up in an error, which kept happening daily until I stopped again.)

    Now, since I started becoming active on other wikis and checking them again I decided to check this one to see how it was doing, so I decided to aswell make this blog post.

    (Also, for those who never got their character requests done, I'm sorry too, I'm pretty bad when it comes to responsibilities. I was also initially going to try a new style, but in the end I los…

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  • Shadowboy192

    Since it's FNAF's birthday today and I am not very creative on what to do for it(or atleast for the wiki) I will be taking 3 character requests from the first 3 commenters.

    But before adding your character in, here are a few rules to follow:

    1. Your character needs to have a page in the wiki.

    2. Your characters needs to have an image or a very good description of their appearance.

    3. No more than one character per request.

    4. I may or may not finish the requests today, so if you don't get it right away, please be patient.

    Edit: All requests have already been filled, sorry if you wanted to request aswell.

    The requests are as follow:

    Jessi [finished]

    Dylan [unfinished]

    Trainwreck [unfinished]

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  • Shadowboy192
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  • Shadowboy192

    Not really sure to what to type, but I don't feel like making that big of a post. I'm just glad to have joined this community and made pages here for so long.

    My first page ever here was Tom The Tiger, which I made while still an anon. He was supposed at first to be part of the main band, but later I expanded on Tom to make him more unique, giving him his own location along with other characters that were part of it.

    Later I made Paul The Penguin, which was at first one of the many animatronics from a fangame idea I had(and never expanded upon or will anymore). The page received a good amount of attention so I started making pages for other characters from that location, like Peter, Anne, Abigail, etc.

    Other characters I made were The Trickst…

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  • Shadowboy192

    Shadowboy192 RANT

    February 23, 2017 by Shadowboy192

    This blog post was removed by Wikia due to the enourmous amount of text and major use of cussing

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