Anyone who knows gaming would have probably encountered Five Nights at Freddy's before, the heart-pounding, atmospheric, animatronic and pizza themed horror game that quickly became a big craze of 2014. Soon, many people were trapped in that little office, waiting for 6 AM. When the second game came, it was even more exciting: more features, more animatronics, more challenges and more of a plot. But the third...a different matter altogether. 

You start off at a horror attraction, guarding the props, rooms and other parts of the area to make sure nothing goes wrong. You spend five nights there, each one six hours (around 5 minutes in real time) long, using a variety of systems, although they may experience errors, making you have to reboot the failed mechanism, taking time. These systems are the camera system (used to locate Springtrap, when he appears on Night 2), the ventilation system (used to seal the ventilation shafts in case Springtrap is nearby) and the audio system (used to lure Springtrap to the location played). Each of these work together as your defence against Springtrap, a damaged golden rabbit animatronic who is eager to kill you.

One of the big twists to the game is the Phantoms. Charred, ghostly versions of six of the former animatronics (Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Mangle, BB and the Puppet to be exact) appear around the pizzeria, looking to jumpscare you. However, this does not kill you, but it serves as a setback, increasing the chance of Springtrap getting to you. 

All of the fans know that people called FNaF the "scariest game of 2014" and whatnot, but actually, after the first almost heart attack-giving scare, you get used to them and they become nothing more than a slight surprise. But in the third game, even though Springtrap may not be too scary, the Phantom's jumpscares are spine-chilling. In fact, seeing Phantom Freddy when playing Night 3 with someone I know was enough to make me scream. Actually scream. Now that's a first.

Overall, FNaF3 is a strong addition to the series, proving it's worth as the much-hyped game of 2015. With new mechanisms, new ways to lose and new things to do, this third game is satisfying, intriguing and actually scary, all in one. I would recommend it to fans of horror games or similar atmospheric chillers, or just anyone who is interested. Avaliable for $7.99 on Steam (I haven't got it but I really want to!), you can purchase FNaF3 now.

  • Rating: 9.5/10 (Excellent!)
  • Difficulty: Medium (I could easily beat Nights 1-3, but Night 4 is quite frustrating)
  • Enjoyment Factor: 7/8 (Would most definetely play again, although it can be irritating at times)
  • Fear Factor: 6/8 (Quite scary indeed!)

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