My earlier blog post A Teaser for a Little Something has gotten some attention, and I promised that the big reveal will come by January 20, and so it shall! As you were shown the old four, the Puppet, Golden Freddy and a new trio, something new was in the works, and that something is...

Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The Unspoken Truth!

The new game will be online in a few days or so, and with it will come the full plot and the announcement for our winners of the earlier competition! All I will say for now is that we are literally turning back the clock. Who remembers Mr. Olesen dropping a hint for "1984" in the Night 7 call of Freddy's Revenge? Well, we're going back in time, back to '84.

You all excited? The anticipation levels must be very high...or so my Fazbear friends say so. :)

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