Sky: The main antagonist, Very unpredictible. Can go through both doors and

is super aggresive and fast. Keep an eye on him. He and ERROR are connected. He is VERY deadly on night 6.

Peyton: Just as fast but, not that aggresive, goes through right door. Watch him

Golden Sky: Sky's counterpart, can appear at random, mainly a 4-5 A.M.

ERROR: Only on Night 6. Very Dangerous, Be careful. Has his own jumpscare scream .

Night 1: First night, Very easy, Peyton is the only one active on this night.

Night 2: Second night...


Hello Hello Hello welcome to Sky's Pizza House, Peyton is active on this night, he is very fast, hmph, fast little bugger eh, i'll wrap up this call, cya tomarrow!

Night 2 call coming soon!

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