By far, most of the pages on this Wiki are indeed, well animatronics. So naturally, you'd want to join the party and write one. Well, a character is not "He is a blue bear and he is evil." No. It takes a lot more effort to make a character. A lot more. Well, let's go.......

  • First off, we will need an appearance. Appearance is pretty simple. By simple I do not mean "He looks like a bear and is blue." You want to go into detail about stains, rips, any wires being exposed, materials, etc, etc. This should be about one paragraph. Not saying you can do more, though.
  • Next, we need some history.  History is kind of completed. By kind of completed, I do not mean, instead of one sentence, you have two sentences. Go into detail on how Fazbear Entertainment wanted to create something... unknown administrator .... suddenly appeared.... If you don't want to simply blurt out your animatronics story,  tell it in cryptic message. We have to have something. Scott didn't blurt out Golden Freddy's story, but he used cryptic messages and we know exactly what he is now.
  • Next, we need personality! Explain what your animatronic does around children... what it does to adults.... it's strategy in the games.... about two paragraphs etc, etc, etc. No, "He will try and kill adults, but he is good to children." Not personality. Go into detail about staring, tackling, torture, etc, etc, etc.
  • Next, some trivia! We all like trivia. Maybe, how was he created? What is he based on? No, "He is fanon." is not trivia. You don't need much, maybe 3 bullets.
  • Now, want extra credit? Add relationships, teasers, etc, etc.

There you have it. Hopefully now, you will not write one sentence as your page if you were already doing so.

Happy editing.

South Ferry (Talk) (Contrib) 01:49, April 14, 2015 (UTC)

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