You have joined this Wikia, and now you want to help. You want to ban people, revert edits, look for spam. This urge to help will lead to questions such as "Can I plz be Mod kthx bai", "I wan be admeen plz plz plz plz plz". Now, we will discuss how you become a "Mod", or "admeen". Now, before we begin this blog, I want to let you know something. There is a difference between asking for admin rights to actually help the wiki, banning people, reverting edits, making themes, and someone who wants to have a nice little icon of Withered Bonnie in chat, and someone who wants a picture of Freddy Fazbear on their userpage.

Requirements for Rollback

Rollbacks is quite possibly the simplest thing a user can be promoted to. A rollback gets a button which allows them to revert a bad-faith edit in one click. Nothing special, and you can do this yourself quite easily. It is impossible to abuse this power to terrorize other users, unlike Chat Moderators and Rollbacks, so the badges you'll need aren't really demanding. You'll need the: 100 Edits on Articles Badge, (Fifth Night Complete), and the 5 Day Badge, (6 AM). It's not much, really.

Now, on to crafting your application. All you really need is evidence. There is no point in supplementing, "Why I want to be a Rollback" in your application. Why? Because there is only one reason you would want to become a rollback. To revert bad edits. Yeah....

If you are denied rights, which shouldn't happen since this right is so easy to gain, then try again.

Requirements for Chat Moderator

Now, on to the actual requirements. Chat Moderator, for those who don't know, is a user who can kick and ban users who misbehave in chat, and press a nice blue button to delete what's currently in their chat to log the chat. Now, first of all you want to be active in the chat. You can add 1987 categories to articles each day, give feedback on 666 articles, but what's the point of becoming a Chat Mod if you aren't even active in chat? Next, you want to of not been banned from chat, like, ever. Being kicked or being warned once is one thing, but being banned, is another thing. Next, you have to have a couple of badges. You'll need at least: 250 Edits on Articles Badge, (Sixth Night Complete), and 250 Categories, (Needing Explanations #1).

Now, when you are crafting your application, you'll need a few sections. First of all, you need a good reason. "I want to ban this dude who hated on my amazing OC, Bear the Bear", "I wanna have a nice thingy on my userpage :D" are not good reasons. A good reason, for example, is that there are no chat moderators, and you think you have proven you are capable of handling the task. Don't use this reason now though, for obvious reasons.

If you are denied of your rights, don't cry and leave. Try again. Stay active in chat, edit, follow the rules, and apply again. Good luck to all you Chat Moderators-To be!

Requirements for Moderator

I have decided to make Moderator a sub-section to Chat Moderator, as they require the same badges. A moderator is a user that can close threads, reopen threads, and restore replies by users. This is basically another "Mini-Admin" status, so you do in fact need 250 Edits on articles, and 250 categories (Needing Explanations).

The application is, you guessed it, same as Chat Moderator, Evidence and a good reason.

Denied rights? Try again. Good luck moderators to be.

Requirements for Admin

Administrators are given multiple resources to help their Wiki. They're too long to list here, but a few of their rights include, delete pages, block users, all the rights of a chat moderator, promote users to chat moderator, change badges, and change the theme of the Wiki. Now, despite Admins having Chat Mod rights, you don't need to be active on chat, since Administrators are more geared towards helping the Wiki, not moderating chat. Next, you'll need a few badges. You'll need the 500 Edits on Articles badge, (Completed 20/20/20/20!!!!!), and 500 Categories, (Needing Explanations #2), and the 2 Weeks on the Wiki badge, (Survive the Night). The 2 weeks on the Wiki badge shows that you actually care about the Wiki, and made an effort to contribute for 14 days.

When you are crafting your application, you'll need a few sections. You will need a good reason, and always, "I wanna block the dude who hated on Cat the Cat", "I wanna have a nice thingy on my userpage", are not good reasons. Good reason? Recruit Chat Moderators, No Active Admins, etc, etc.

Denied rights? Try again when you think you fit the requirements.

Good luck Admins to be!

Requirements for Bureaucrat

Bureaucrat is the BEST status. It is the ULTIMATE status. Bureaucrat status allows you to give Admin, Rollback, Chat Mod, and Bureaucrat to other users, including yourself. Seems simple enough, you don't get anything special other then that. But, what makes this so ULTIMATE? Only YOU can remove this status from yourself. Meaning, get blocked? Give yourself admin and unblock, banned from chat? Make yourself chat mod and remove it. That's why this is such an ultimate status. The badges you'll need are; 1,000 edits on articles (Completed 20/20/20/20 #2), and 750 Categories on articles. You MUST of only been blocked once before the time of applying.

When you are crafting the application, you'll need evidence, just evidence. LOTS of evidence, including why you feel trustworthy, contributions, etc, etc.

Denied rights? Try again another time.

Good luck Bureaucrats to be.


Well, the blog is done. You have now read everything, and you are now prepared to gain rights. Good Luck!!!

South Ferry (Talk) (Contrib) 20:09, April 5, 2015 (UTC)

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