Balloon Boy


aka Blergle

Chat moderator
  • I live in Freddy's Island Resort of the coast of Florida
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is typing words on a white and light gray virtual keyboard
  • I am male of this species known as human.
  • SpringThing14

    I got bored

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  • SpringThing14

    Today, he doesn't just love all kids, he loves the taste of all kids.

    Scarier than Monster RAT, Monster Vinnie and Epitome POPGOES combined?

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  • SpringThing14

    I have yoiyoistioperosis

    Hyped for T.O.B?

    Yes? No?

    Well, read this sneak peak and decide.

    Dude, come show the fans the kitchen!" yelled Raymond. "Coming," I yelled. I quickly ran over to him, camera in my hand, not recording anymore. I zoomed pass the counter, and walked inside of the kitchen.

    It resembled what any restaurant kitchen would look like. Stoves, shelves, pots, pans, cutting boards, cabinets, the whole package. The floor composed of plain white tiles, no sign of a rug anywhere. The walls were painted a rich tan color. I could see a door towards the back that supposedly led backstage. I lifted my camera, and began to record again.

    "Guys, this is where they make the food," I said as I walked through the kitchen. I moved the camera left…

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  • SpringThing14

    Welcome to the thing I almost forgot to type!

    But didn't!

    read or King Freezy will block you

    Going good, as usual. Some stuff to finish up. The story itself is almost set; however, it still needs to be approved by Freexy and Zomboss. Then, we need to make some cover art for it. After that, we will be set. ;)

    Nothing has been done since last time; however, I have a plan. It will actually come out very, very quickly. Probably within a week, and before April 10th. After that...;)

    Thanks for reading!

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  • SpringThing14

    Welcome to the Museum of Memes You can submit memes to be put in the gallery below. Check TNZ's recent blog for some good templates!

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