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  • I live in The Walmart parking lot
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is typing words on a white and light gray virtual keyboard
  • I am male of this species known as human.
  • SpringThing14

    This is something that I've felt since Brother Location came out.

    Before I get into this, please note that every time I said I was delaying a game, it was for a legitimate reason that hindered me from making the game until further notice. All of it was true.

    Basically, ever since I've assigned specific release dates, making pages has been different. Back then, creating the content for the page is enjoyable and fun. However, now, it mostly isn't fun for me to make and feels like work. The reason for this is release dates.

    Sometimes, I'm in the mood and excited to work on a page, and will have fun writing and drawing out content for it. Other times, I'm not in the mood and would prefer something else for the time being. If I were to force mysel…

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  • SpringThing14

    I'm going to a Waterpark and camping, so I won't be here or in discord THAT much the rest of today and tomorrow.


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  • SpringThing14


    August 24, 2017 by SpringThing14

    10 likes and I wil make a cringey FNAJ disstrack.

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  • SpringThing14

    I think God hates me, as it seems every time I make a release date something happens on it.

    Today, there's a tornado warning north of where I am. I'm too focused on the weather and not dying to make the game.

    Once it's done I COULD maybe add some stuff, but the majority will be released tomorrow.

    I hope you guys are enjoying the game so far and understand it. If I die, FazbearFreak and Shadowboy192 can finish the Five Nights at Frisky's trilogy.

    K bye

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  • SpringThing14

    First off, this is an image from the Freddy Files depicting a FNaF 6 "teaser".

    Now, the crazy thing is that a while ago I made this comic/meme.

    Notice the head replacement at the end where I replaced Mr Krabs's head with Baby's? And it appeared Baby had claws/pinchers? Now look back at the teaser, where this Baby variant has crab-like claws.


    I also predict DBB will make me Admin!

    (Come on, I had to at least try)

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