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September 22, 2015
  • I live in Freddy's Island Resort of the coast of Florida
  • I was born on June 29
  • My occupation is typing words on a white and light gray virtual keyboard
  • I am male of this species known as human.
  • SpringThing14

    (Totally not a joke definitely not at all note one bit nope nope nope nope n0pe)

    Everyone, FoxKid isn't bad. He is a very wise under-aged kiddin man, who has great skills and is sm@rt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here why

    He cusses, but it is not because he wanna break the roles! He is swearing cuz he is serious and wanna get sh$& done! He is serious about his points. F$@& de rules! He is B@ST!

    Guys, he throws tantrums because your reasons for hating the game sUk. You see, he actually has 12/4 NHI ideas in mind for his pages! He is toastally putting thought into the them!

    We r!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!! I am being mean and I am sad cuz o' it. U shud be too. He just wants attention!!!!!

    In cokeclusion, unblock him! He is best! Allrite? He shud be admin!

    Now, why Hitl…

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  • SpringThing14

    Ever feel like you should see artwork in real life to really notice its detail? No? I don't care. Anyways, here is an eye trick that I made(not I do not own the concept). Basically, you must click on the image, and stare at the red dot for 45 seconds. Then, look away at a blank wall(just a wall without anything on it, really). Finally, blink rapidly! And I mean RAPIDLY! You should see the image right in your wall!

    Did it work for you? Tell me down below!

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  • SpringThing14

    Missed last week.


    I feel terrible. This is starting to trend. It isn't good, and I am not happy with myself for it. I keep missing them and being late. And...I am sorry.

    In return, you pick something, it is called....


    This time, it is up to you! In the poll below, pick the release date you would like! You have 35 choices. On Monday, the one with the most votes will be the day you see the game!

    I have gotten a lot done recently. ;) With winter break approaching, it won't be much longer until it is finished. I predict it will be released before the end of February.

    Wait, seriously? That's it? Uhhhh.....


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  • SpringThing14

    Q & A !

    February 2, 2017 by SpringThing14

    Simple as that! Ask me whatever. No face reveals/personal info.

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  • SpringThing14

    I missed another issue, I should kms

    There wasn't so much news last week, so it slipped......Uhhh......

    Take this apology cake that doesn't exist.

    Welcome to another issue! I have some yet not to much news. So...keep reading. Or don't. Idk...

    It is looking good so far! I have gotten into a scary-ish part, and it should be done soon. Freezy, Zomboss, we will meet in chat tomorrow. Time will be revealed shortly.

    I will be making a blog, take this link User blog:SpringThing14/A Q&A!

    No other news? Really?

    What? This issue was short.

    T h a n k

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