Want your character(s) to have some epic fan-art? Well, if you want some, you can ask! Something similar to what User:Blueflame (Experiment), here's some examples of my art!


Killer Jessi-Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016


Star the Cat One Week at Star's


Spitz the Puppet, by User:Downtown Freezy

Paul the Penguin By spring thing 14

Cool Fact:My first OC picture! Paul The Penguin


Oscar the Penguin One Week at Star's


Peppermint the skunk

A somewhat detailed picture of Ella

Ella Five Nights at Frisky's 4:Nightmares Emerge


Parang the Polar Bear Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016

You can order your picture in one of three ways: -Normal -Pixel -Paper

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