You:What is this?

Lemme tell u m8

So...just today, my brain printed out an idea for a new game:Contributor City. Like some of the other games here, it will be a game based around users-such as you-on this wiki. However, they won't be the ones to attack. No. Instead, memories the almighty inactive users will be unearthed. They will have been controlled by something I haven't made up yet, and it is up to us users to stop it this thing without becoming controlled by whoever and becoming EEEVVVVILLLLLLLLLLL(reference)And, it will take place in NYC, cuz why not?

Ask to be in it now! You will also have a point in the game, you know, a job. Ask what you want it to be.


  • Leader(SpringThing14)-Job:Leads the group to where they need to go, and assembles stuff.
  • Watcher(FazbearFreak)Job:Uses the city camera monitors to keep a look out for brainwashed users.
  • Taxi(NyanKittyKat)-Job:You know your way around the city, and can go anywhere needed.
  • Wild One(The Non-Zomboss)Job:You're the fearless one who likes blowing up walls. You're in for the dirty and dangerous work.
  • Defender-Job:Use your advanced closing door and trigger-pulling skills to stop bad stuff and defend the crew. Enough said.
  • Spy(ShadowBoy192)-Job:Secretly keep an eye out for what the controlled users are doing.
  • Tracker(Tina.g.sherwin)-Job:Track brainwashed users so you can "repair" them. Kind of like the Watcher.
  • Theorizer-Job:Come up with theories about the situation, and what to do.
  • Undercover-Job:Disguise yourself as one of the brainwashed users.

Maybe more jobs in the future. Anyways, hope you'll enjoy it!

P.S:Some things MAY change, since the game isn't entirely "built" yet.

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