Hey guys! I wanted to inform you about the next FNAF:FC game. After this one, there will be many prequels. I'm not done with Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016 yet, but it's doing good. I just want to inform you about this. Five Nights at Frisky's 7 and and 8 will be prequels. I'm not sure though if the series will be continued, though. If it doesn't, FNAF:FC 6 will be the finale. The New Frisky's will still be open, and problems were dealt with. But now, it's you against The Phantom. He's back, is 11 feet tall, and has minions. They are his child victim's "spirits". You will have to defend yourself for an actual 6 hours(real time) However, you will get a break every 10 minutes. These are checkpoints. Also, you will play a mini-game every hour. You will be in the old Frisco's Comedy club, which is going to re-open for adults. You must guard it so no homeless people, bad people, and/or teenagers. More will be said soon. Thanks for reading! Also, if you'd like to do FNAF:FC 5 fan art, I'm looking for some! Please do some if you'd like! Thanks! :)

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