If you want to enter, please do it soon! The judging day has been moved to March 20th!

ARE YOU WEEPING ON THE FLOOR BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WIN THE LAST CONTEST(depends on who you are)?????? Well, probably not, but you now have a chance to win!

The judging will be March 20th, 2016. In that time, participants will draw a picture of a Five Nights at Frisky's human, animatronic, story scene, or whatever Five Nights at Frisky's stuff comes to mind. Now, it will go like this:3rd Place-Bronze Trophy-2nd Place-Silver Trophy-1st Place-Gold Trophy+3 Character Fan-Art Pictures! So, if you want all that stuff, draw good stuff! Thanks :) Here are some useful links: Five Nights at Frisky's:Frisky's Fry--Five Nights at Frisky's 2:The Prequel--Five Nights at Frisky's:The Unknown Past--Five Nights at Frisky's 3:Frisky's Fright--Five Nights at Frisky's 4:The Final Chapter--Five Nights at Frisky's 5:The New Frisky Frycat's 2016--(Creepypasta)Frycat


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