IMPORTANT LINK:Five Nights at Frisky's:Frisky's Fry

Hello! Now, before you say I should've waited longer to make one of these, let me explain. You see, the Crepypasta contest didn't do as well. But this will, and the prize is bigger than before! The Creepypasta wil be written after Frycat 2, since he public needs an OC story.

The 1st place winner will receive...a Creepypasta with their OCs! Plus more!

1st Place:OC Creepypasta-1 OC Drawing

2nd Place:OC Drawing

3rd Place:Extra points for next contest

Note:Your story can be Interactive or Normal! It can be a plain story, or you can make it so you can choose what to do in it!

So what are you waiting for? Like, seriously, are you waiting for anything? I don't hear any trains Anyways, be sure to enter! And always try to use shaders!

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